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Aviatec is a distributor for NYCO, distributor of NYCO, distributor for NYCO, distributor NYCO, NYCO distributor.

NYCO is a worldwide recognised specialist for aviation lubricants and synthetic esters that has developed its extensive know-how to provide high added value solutions in various areas from military lubricants to specialised applications for industry.


A French independent and privately owned company, we are the sole European manufacturer of such synthetic ester bases and specialised lubricants.


We develop, manufacture and sell products which are specifically designed to meet our customer’s needs as well as the most demanding specifications


Our international coverage as well as our high quality commitment has enabled us to expand our footprint to over 90 countries across the world with more than 80% of our export sales.


Our ambition is to support the sustainable growth of our customers wherever they are in the world and to continuously anticipate their needs by providing them with efficient solutions combining economic and energy efficiency, technical excellent, safety and environment performance.


Our strategy is to strengthen our position as a global player to supply lubrication solutions for the Defence forces, civil aviation, industry and the automotive industry, such as:


  • Military lubricants in accordance with international standards
  • Civil aviation lubricants
  • Ground gas turbine lubricants
  • Synthetic esters for the formulation of lubricants, plasticizers, dielectric fluids
  • Lubricants for industrial applications
  • Lubricants for automobile applications
  • Nycogreen : Environmentally compatible and biodegradable esters and lubricants

Some history :


Created in 1929, NYCO initially specialised in derivative products for the pharmaceutical industry and PVC stabilisers.


In 1957, NYCOtook an interest in ester-based aviation lubricants and received its first approval for turbine oil from the French Ministry of Defence. NYCO then extended its range of lubricants to comply with British and American specifications.


In the early seventies, NYCO developed lubricants for the Soviet aviation, thus strengthening its presence on the Eastern European markets. At the same time, NYCO expanded its synthetic esters and formulated lubricants activities for automotive and industrial applications.


Some key developments:


  • 1959 : Turbonycoil 13B for the Mirage aircraft (Dassault) 
  • 1970 : Development of synthetic esters 
  • 1985 : Turbonycoil 600 for military aeronautical engines and civil aviation 
  • 1987 : Lubricants for refrigerant compressors 
  • 1990 : Biodegradable fluids 
  • 1995 :Turbonycoil 400 for F-22 raptor (USAF) and dielectric fluids for industry 
  • 1997 : New plant at Tournai 
  • 2006 : New additive technology for high temperature applications 
  • 2008 : New R&D centre 
  • 2008 : Nycolube 210 (2-stroke oil for outboard engines) is Ecolabel certified  



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