Celeste Industries Corporation is a global specialty chemical company focused on the development of value-added cleaning, maintenance, and odor control products serving the aviation market. Celeste’s portfolio of products includes a wide range of products from toilet line cleaners and descalers to hand soaps and air fresheners.

Celest Corp works with airlines and aircraft OEMs to develop improved maintenance solutions; by combining their own expertise in cleaning chemicals and applications technology with modern scientific advancements, they are able to quickly develop complete system solutions for difficult cleaning, maintenance, and odor control tasks. All Celeste products meet the specific requirements of the aviation industry and are unmatched in quality and cost-effective performance.

Celeste’s product portfolio is composed of water-based chemistry and green solvents, all of which meet industry material compatibility testing and standards. We pride ourselves on providing safe, thoroughly tested, and effective high-quality products that meet customer needs. This composition guarantees no lasting impact on the environment, even in the event of an accidental spill.


Celeste was founded by the Granville family in 1946 in Wilton, Connecticut. The company grew as a perfume manufacturer through innovation in both aerosol perfume and stick cologne technology to the chemical company it is today. During the 1950s, the company diversified into non-woven wipes for hospitals and toilet chemicals for government bomb shelter programs. Through product and market transitions, Celeste’s toilet chemical technology evolved through military aircraft applications to commercial airlines.

From this foundation of cleaning and odor control, the company broadened its product portfolio to encompass hard surface cleaning, closed system cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, potable water quality, and hand care.

Today, Celeste serves most of the world’s commercial airlines with exceptional customer service and is recognized as a leading innovator of chemical formulations to meet the ever increasing demands of the global aviation market.


Interior Surfaces

Celeste provides a wide variety of cleaners, disinfectants, and specialty chemicals specifically designed for use in cabins, lavatories, galleys, and cockpits. These products are effective on a wide variety of soils found on interior surfaces of aircraft while maintaining material compatibility and OEM requirements.


Exterior & MRO

Celeste makes cleaners and degreasers for aircraft exteriors and parts as well as removers and strippers for use during the MRO process. All products meet the rigorous testing qualifications of the aviation industry.


Hand Care

Celeste makes a variety of hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and wipes all made with the safety of passengers and crew in mind. Celeste also offers a variety of over-the-counter mounted bases that fit with their bottles and allow for the customer to securely fasten Celeste soap bottles to the sink counters.


Odor Control

Celeste are experts in odor control chemistry and offer a variety of products for treatment of sources of malodor in the air and on hard surfaces and fabrics through various delivery methods.


Potable Water

It is important to maintain clean potable water tanks to prevent bacteria from building up on tank surfaces which could impact the health of passengers and crew. Celeste offers chemicals for cleaning and descaling potable water tanks, lines, and servicing trucks and accompanying tool to offer appropriate mixing upon use.


Toilets & Drains

Celeste are a leader in Chemicals for maintenance and remediation of toilet and drain systems. Products include toilet deodorants, lavatory soaks, remediation chemicals, and accompanying tools.

Interior Surfaces, Exterior & MRO, Hand Care, Odor Control, Potable Water, Toilets & Drains… Aviatec Global Aviation has referenced numerous products in the Celeste Corp range, guaranteeing compliance with aircraft regulations.

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