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Dowsil silicone sealants and foams are designed for industrial assembly and maintenance applications.

Dowsil brand silicone sealants have a number of common properties:

  • Stability over a wide range of temperatures
  • Resistance to weather conditions
  • Chemical stability
  • Adhesion and bonding strength
  • Electrical properties
  • Low flammability

The chemical composition of Dowsil silicone sealants and foams is essentially as follows: an inorganic siloxane polymer (Si-O-Si-O-Si) and a sealant, a cross-linking agent, a catalyst, an adhesive agent, a pigment, and a plasticiser. Each formulation differs according to the application purpose and therefore the performance level expected.

The formulation options consist of several possibilities that influence, among other things, the hardening and the necessary conditions:

  • Room temperature vulcanisation (RTV) sealants
  • Thermosetting sealants
  • Thermosetting silicone-based sealants
  • Single-component material
  • Two-component material
  • Silicone foams

As a Dowsil brand product distributor, we will be able to set up a dedicated supply chain. We can work with you to anticipate the most suitable transport for your needs.
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Technical data sheets and safety data sheets (SDS) of Dowsil brand products are available from our teams upon request. We offer you various packaging options.