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Exxon Mobil is a U.S. oil and gas company headquartered in Texas.

Its business is structured into four main areas:


Exxon Mobil works on highly technical extraction projects involving oil, natural gas, heavy oil, and deepwater development. Their teams rely on advances in seismic imaging, reservoir simulation, drilling, and facility design to explore and develop previously inaccessible deposits.


Exxon Mobil Chemical is one of the world's foremost chemical manufacturing companies. Raw material is sourced mainly from the Group's upstream and downstream activities. They are supplemented by market products that meet specific needs.


As the world's leading refiner, Exxon Mobil Fuels & Lubricants manufactures and distributes products derived from crude oil and other raw material. It markets its own fuels through its Esso, Exxon, and Mobil service stations. It relies on specialised B2B segments of industrial fuels, aviation fuels and lubricants, and marine fuels and lubricants.

Natural Gas and Power Marketing

Exxon Mobil draws on a global team of business experts to promote its natural gas offering to consumers around the world. Its positioning within the natural gas value chain affords it a significant competitive advantage enabling the company to meet growing demand while always prioritising safety.

Several products manufactured by Exxon Mobil are highly favoured by aeronautics professionals. They are among our best-sellers:

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