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Aviatec Global Aviation distributes Shell manufactured products

Shell is an Anglo-Dutch oil company also referred to as Royal Dutch Petroleum.

The shell-shaped logo of this multinational company is a legacy of the import-export business of the small London-based company founded in the 19th century.

Trading in raw material, antiques, and shells between Great Britain, Japan, and the Far East led them to become interested in oil at a very early stage. In 1890, the small London company teamed up with the Paris branch of the Rothschild family to build the world's first oil tanker.

Shell Transport and Trading Company was founded in 1897 and underwent many changes to finally become the international group of energy and petrochemical companies we know today.

The Shell Group has been present in France since 1919.
It markets petroleum products and services: fuels and biofuels. For the automotive and aviation industries, it distributes lubricants, bitumen, and mobility cards.
Since 2017, Shell has also been developing its "New Energies" business.

The lubricants developed by the Shell Lubricants expertise team are designed to maximise the efficiency of equipment, extend service life, and reduce downtime.

Aviatec Global Aviation distributes Shell's aviation lubricant products. This is the Aeroshell range.

There are four areas of application for Aeroshell lubricants:

As a distributor of Shell Aviation products, we are able to set up a dedicated supply chain. We can advise you on the most suitable transport for your needs.
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