Aviatec Global Aviation is the central purchasing office for aeronautic professionals.

Our central purchasing office specialises in the aeronautic sector.

Since 1998, we have been working with aeronautic professionals providing a guarantee of OTD, OQD, and OSD (On Time Delivery, On Quality Delivery, and On Safety Delivery).

We provide an interface between manufacturers and aeronautic professionals.

We select manufacturers whose products respond to the expectations of aeronautic professionals. We assist our suppliers by instilling in them the relevant aircraft knowledge and related regulations. We ensure the products' qualification that is essential for any application.
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We ensure the availability of products required for the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft.

As a central purchasing office, Aviatec Global Aviation fulfils the two following requirements:

  • Procurement aligned with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufacturing plan with an OTD (On Time Delivery) expectation of more than 98%.
  • On-demand procurement, related to unscheduled maintenance operations.

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We manage chemical regulations.

Our in-depth knowledge of standards and regulations allows us to work alongside manufacturers to ensure their products conform to the requirements of the aeronautic sector.

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