We manage chemical risks to preserve the environment.

We manage chemical risks to preserve the environment.

In accordance with Article L.541-2 of the Environmental Code, we are responsible for the disposal of the waste that we hold and produce.

We therefore see to it that they are disposed of correctly and according to regulations:

  • We offer to take back expired products and empty containers directly from our customers5 Service Reconditionnement Desktop
  • Waste sorting is implemented in each of the Company's departments.
  • All personnel are trained in chemical risks, spills, and pollution.
  • Our premises meet the requirements established for the storage of hazardous materials:
    • Signage
    • Separating out incompatible products that could generate dangerous reactions
    • Fire prevention and fire fighting
    • Preventing and countering accidental spills
    • Ventilation and air conditioning
    • Shelving
    • Intrusion
  • We prioritise the material and energy recovery of our waste by entrusting it to a company specialised in the management of hazardous waste.

Did you know?

Conscious of the risks inherent to the nature of our business, our French CEO, Régis Duquesne, has followed an 18-month PLATO program dedicated to Circular and Collaborative Economy. This programme, managed by the Yvelines Chamber of Commerce and Industry and co-financed by the European Union and ADEME, has given several leaders the opportunity to reflect upon a number of topics to identify concrete improvements that need to be implemented.