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Global sourcing


Aviatec Global Aviation has established a “customization” strategy to respond to best meet the needs of each of its customers.


Aviatec Global Aviation can offer its customers a diverse range of specific products. We provide our customers with more than 7,000 references. Our team of experts, qualified and trained by our partners, is attentive to customers’ needs in order to provide them with the necessary advice when choosing their products.


Aviatec Global Aviation is able to provide a customized service offer.
The types of stock management offer include:

  • management of safety stock
  • management of offset stock
  • management of consignment stock, driven by Kanban at the customer’s site
  • Line-side delivery


Aviatec Global Aviation is equipped with a management system that allows it to optimize and control the Chemical Supply Chain. This allows it to control its operating costs in order to offer the best prices to its customers.


Aviatec Global Aviation agrees to supply its customers with products  while respecting the deadlines agreed with them.
To deliver on its commitments, Aviatec Global Aviation has established performance indicators to monitor:

  • the performance of supply of products to customers
  • the performance of its service activity
  • the performance of the supplier

Aviatec Global Aviation has acquired a control of the chemical supply chain that is recognized in the aeronautic sector; this allows it to have excellent performance ratings in OTD (On Time Delivery) as well as OQD (On Quality Delivery).
To improve its performance indicators, Aviatec Global Aviation sets itself objectives and establishes improvement plans.


Aviatec Global Aviation proposes effective customer stock management: externalization.
We propose to manage a customer’s stock:

  • either on the client’s site
  • or in close proximity to the customer

With regard to stock management on the customer’s site, we are able to propose a “line-side” management offer, that is, we supply the product at the moment when they need it, according to the optimization of their stock.