Aircraft Kitting: We prepare the kits... You gain in performance!

We prepare the kits...

 You gain in performance!

Are your operators using glue, three nuts, and tape at the same stage of your production line?

As a "pluralistic" purchasing agency, we distribute both standard chemicals and consumables. Our company is the only one that can assemble these components into a single kit.

Each first kitting request is subject to a preliminary study based on a set of specifications. Our hazardous materials experts check the compatibility of the desired products and work with your teams to design the kits for the various stages of your manufacturing range. These kits will enable you to optimise your logistics and improve your performance.

Kitting in a nutshell...4 Service Kitting Desktop

  • Optimisation of the logistic flows
  • Enhanced performance on the production line
  • An order-placement system based on manufacturing logic
  • Economy of scale (the right product in the right quantity)
  • Enhanced security

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