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Supply chain leader

Aviatec Global Aviation has more than 20 years of Supply Chain experience.

Because Aviatec Global Aviation:

  • manages its suppliers through partnerships that allow it to work in close collaboration
  • proposes a continuous storage offer adapted to the evolving needs of its customers
  • offers a wide range of transport options adapted to each type of product and customer
  • implements the different regulations linked to transport

our company is a recognized expert in the aeronautic distribution sector.


Aviatec Global Aviation offers and guarantees excellent procurement management and monitoring by depending on the quality of its partnerships in order to meet the requirements of customers. This management of supplies is recognized and based on the standard EN 9120.

Aviatec Global Aviation ensures that the product you receive is compliant with customer-specific needs.


Aviatec Global Aviation is certified compliant with the requirements of standard EN 9120, recognized and requested across the entire aviation procurement chain as international benchmark. Aviation certification EN 9120 confirms that Aviatec Global Aviation is endowed with a quality management system that guarantees the safety and reliability of the aviation products delivered.


Aviatec Global Aviation works in close collaboration with its partners. These manufacturers provided our teams with training to ensure good knowledge and proper use of products. Our technical experts are able to support our customers and guide them in their choice of products. Our added value is the capacity to provide technological guidance to customers about products and logistics support for their procurement.


The logistics teams are trained in the identification, handling and packaging of hazardous materials in accordance with the regulations.

Aviation components and consumables are stored in accordance with the applicable safety and environmental regulations. Particular attention is paid to the storage of hazardous and regulated materials according to their nature and their storage conditions.
The operational and specialized structure of the company allows it to be highly reactive and take into account the particular requirements of the aeronautic sector, i.e. traceability, documentation and compliance with specific standards.


According to the needs and requirements of its customers, Aviatec Global Aviation offers different types of storage:

  • centralized stock at the Jouy-le-Moutier site
  • safety stock
  • advanced storage in close proximity to the customer, Toulouse
  • consignment stock, at the customer’s site


Aviatec Global Aviation agrees to abide by the conditions of storage required by the specific nature of products in the aeronautic sector: they must be stored at different temperatures, from “temperate” to “frozen”, under controlled hygrometric conditions, protected from the sun.
The storage of materials is implemented to guarantee their integrity up to their delivery to the customer.
The Jouy-le-Moutier site complies with the environmental regulations governing pollution risk.


Aviatec Global Aviation manages its stock by meeting two requirements:

  • management of stock on an FIFO (First In First Out) basis
  • management control of DLU (Date Limite d’Utilisation [expiry date])
  • real-time calculation of % of remaining life time


Aviatec Global Aviation is equipped with a complete traceability system covering:

  • control of incoming, outgoing and returned products (RMA)
  • control of the chain from supplier to customer

The digitization of documents linked to the product (Declaration of conformity and Certification of analysis) enables improved accessibility to the different certificates of each batch.


Aviatec Global Aviation agrees to deliver to its customers on all continents and uses all modes of transport:

  • road
  • rail
  • sea
  • air

depending on the locations of customers and the types of products.

  • Aviatec Global Aviation also has an internal fleet for local distribution.
  • Aviatec Global Aviation knows how to implement the different regulations linked to transport:

ADR: Accord for Dangerous Goods by Road

IMDG: International Maritime Dangerous Goods code

IATA: International Air Transport Association

49CFR: 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations