CSR is integrated into our governance for a sustainable development strategy

CSR is integrated into our governance for a sustainable development strategy.

Aviatec Global Aviation relies on the CSR reference system dedicated to logistical professions and elaborated by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition.

Economic performance - Social responsibility - Environmental approach

Economic performance
Economic performance is the essential prerequisite for the existence and development of our company. We purchase and resell products, applying our know-how, thus generating added value for our customers. Aviatec Global Aviation is committed to sustainable growth.

Social responsibility
We define our social responsibility along two distinct lines: internally, with regard to our employees, and externally, in our relations with our customers, subcontractors, and suppliers.
Internally: As a company with fewer than 50 employees, we are committed to building team spirit that promotes well-being and encourages initiative. Beyond legal obligations, we make sure that each employee can acquire the necessary skills to progress individually and support the company in its development.
Externally: We firmly believe that the best collaborations are those that last. We do everything we can to build lasting relationships with our customers, subcontractors, and suppliers through balanced business relationships with all parties involved.

Environmental approach
We are a central purchasing office for professionals in the aeronautics industry, supplying chemical products and consumables. We are aware that our activity's impact on the environment is not neutral.
We handle products that are subject to hazardous materials regulations on a daily basis and we do so in compliance with the established standards.
We prioritise recycling and recovery in our waste management.
As an EN9120 certified company, we are committed to the safety of people and property as well as flight security.