Aviatec Global Aviation is much more than a central purchasing office dedicated to the aeronautic sector

We ensure the availability of chemicals and fixings necessary for aeronautical professionals.

 We are much more than a central purchasing office…


  • We manage over 500 active suppliers under the EN9120 regulation
  • Our panel of suppliers ranges from multinationals to local manufacturers
  • We keep more than 2,500 references in stock at all times, ready for dispatch
  • We handle the supply chain for both American and European references.
  • We are committed to OTD, OSD, and OQD (On Time Delivery, On Safety Delivery, and On Quality Delivery)

Are you looking for a single point of contact who can manage your purchases of aircraft chemicals and consumables?

Our business is to centralise purchasing by providing our customers with a tailor-made service in line with their level of requirements.

Certified EN9120, Aviatec Global Aviation has been working alongside aeronautic professionals since 1998;

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer / OEM
  • Airlines
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overall / MRO
  • General Aviation
  • Helicopters
  • Defence Industry
  • Manufacturers