Since 1998, our company was established as the contact point for aeronautic professionals.

  • 1998: Aviatec Global Aviation was founded in Paris. NYCO is the sole shareholder.
  • 2001: Aviatec Global Aviation moves to Jouy-le-Moutier (95) and regroups its commercial and logistic activities there.
  • 2003: The company is certified ISO9001 for trading activity.
  • 2007: EN9120 certification acquired.
  • 2009: After completing a qualifying training course, the Aviatec logistics team obtains its IATA Dangerous Goods Certificates.
  • 2010: Opening of the Aviatec Global Aviation site in Toulouse.
              The MOTUL Group acquires a 10% stake in Aviatec Global Aviation.
  • 2012: Aviatec joins the Aero-SME committee of GIFAS (French Aerospace Industries Association)
  • 2013: Aviatec is approved by Airbus and becomes a first-tier supplier
  • 2014: Aviatec becomes a qualified supplier for DCNS (Naval Group)
  • 2015: Aviatec becomes an Airbus Eurocopter supplier
              Founding of Aviatec Germany
  • 2016: Aviatec has a new main shareholder (NYCO shares are resold to the Schneider family)
  • 2017: Aviatec extends its product range to aircraft hardware.
  • 2018: Aviatec Global Aviation SARL becomes Aviatec Global Aviation SAS.
  • 2019: New logo, new image