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Created in 1948 by Douglas Aircraft and Monsanto, Skydrol was a fire-resistant and corrosion-resistant hydraulic fluid. Over the years, the product evolved into a range of products to keep pace with new developments in the aeronautics sector.

Its green or violet colour comes from a dye used to facilitate its identification.

Skydrol PE-5 : This type V hydraulic fluid exhibits a long service life, even under conditions of high exposure to humidity. This sustainability enables reducing its frequency of use.

Skydrol 5 : This hydraulic fluid features a low density thus a lighter weight than other hydraulic fluids.

Skydrol LD-4 : Launched in 1978, Skydrol LD-4 hydraulic fluid is the world's best-selling Type IV aviation hydraulic fluid. Its composition has not changed in 35 years. Its low density inhibits valve erosion while enabling deposit control. Its unique formula includes an anti-erosion additive and an acid scavenger.

Skydrol 500B4 : While the first version of Skydrol 500 was released as early as 1952, the current formula dates back to 1977. It contains the same anti-erosion and acid sensor additive as the Skydrol LD-4 hydraulic fluid.
Particularly easy handling, it is popular for use indoors, in workshops, and on test benches.


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